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Code of Conduct : PDF

The County Limerick Youth Theatre, known as the Co.LYT, is an ensemble set up under the auspices of Limerick County Council Arts Office for young people who are interested in drama and the theatre. 

Aims of The Co. LYT

The Co.LYT is a Youth Theatre ensemble providing the opportunity for young people to enjoy drama and related activities through participation in theatrical performance, workshops, games and improvisations. It also gives instruction, enhances skills and supports the personal and social development of young people in an enjoyable, safe environment in which members can learn and thrive.

Policy Statement

The Co.LYT is fully committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of its members.  Every individual in the Co.LYT should, at all times, show respect and understanding for their own rights, safety and welfare, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of The Co.LYT and it’s Code of Conduct Guidelines.  The Co. LYT's code of conduct incorporates the concept of friendship, respect for others and always participating with the right spirit.  Co. LYT is committed to ensuring that experiences are positive and enjoyable, irrespective of gender, ability, social class or ethnic background.

Co.LYT Code of Good Practice & Conduct

Adults interacting with young people in youth theatre are in a position of trust and influence. They must always ensure that they treat young people with integrity and respect and that the self esteem of the young person is enhanced. All adults in youth theatre must be Garda vetted and their actions guided by Limerick County Council’s Child Protection Policy and Health and Safety Policy. 
The promotion of good practice in youth theatre will depend on the co-operation of all involved, including the youth members of CO LYT. The members are encouraged to realise that they also have responsibilities to treat other members and their Drama Facilitators with fairness and respect


Members are asked to attend each youth theatre session and commit to the programme of events because we work as an ensemble.  However we understand that due to illness or family commitments 100% attendance may not always be possible. 

We would ask that members always text to advise their facilitator when they cannot attend a workshop.  Attendance at workshops is not mandatory. 

Attendance at rehearsals is mandatory.  Before accepting a role in performance members must confirm that they will attend every rehearsal, if they fail to do so their role may be given to someone else.  If a member cannot commit fully to the rehearsal schedule they may accept a lesser role and or a crew role in the production but they must confirm the dates that they cannot attend at the beginning of the rehearsal process. This stipulation has been decided by the youth theatre members themselves over several weeks of consultation and we would ask that you respect their decision.

YOUTH THEATRE Members are entitled to:
• be listened to
• be believed
• be safe and feel safe
• participate in drama activities on an equal basis, appropriate to their ability and stage of development
• be treated with dignity, sensitivity and respect
• be happy, have fun and enjoy drama
• comment and make suggestions in a constructive manner
• make a complaint in an appropriate way and have it dealt with through an effective complaints procedure
• be afforded appropriate confidentiality
• have a voice in the running of their youth theatre

YOUTH THEATRE Members should undertake to:
• do their best and have fun
• respect facilitators and accept their decisions with grace not a grudge
• respect fellow members; give them full support both when they do well and when things go wrong
• respect other members, they are partners in a drama event
• accept apologies from other members when they are offered
• exercise self-control and tolerance for others, even if others do not
• tell the truth
• show appropriate loyalty to their youth theatre and all its participants
• make high standards of participation and commitment the example others want to follow
• respect the premises, equipment and leave the premises clean and tidy
• Only handle props such as sharp implements and combustibles under the direct supervision of the facilitator

The Following Rules and Sanctions apply to Participation in Co. LYT:

Members must not:

• use violence, use physical contact only when it is part of the drama process.
• shout at, or argue with, the facilitator, leaders, or other members
• consume alcohol or other drugs including cigarettes
• bully or use bullying tactics to gain advantage
• tell lies about themselves, adults or other members
• spread rumours
• keep secrets about any person who may have caused them harm
• quit a production once they have committed themselves to taking a part
• leave the premises or the care of the facilitator unless they have written parental/guardian consent. 
A breach of the above rules may result in expulsion from the production in progress and or expulsion from Co. LYT. 


I _____________   ________________ have read and understood the Co. LYT Code of Conduct Guidelines.  I agree to abide by this code and as a member of the Co. LYT agree to further the aims of the Co. LYT through active participation with an open and lively spirit, remembering that without good manners and good temper, Youth Theatre loses its cause for being.  I shall at all times treat others with consideration.

Signature _______________________   Date _______________ 

I/We have read the Co. LYT Code of Conduct Guidelines with my child __________________________ and have discussed them with him/her.  I/We approve with our son/daughter being a member of Co. LYT.  I/We also give our consent to appropriate photographs, film images and audio recordings of our son/daughter’s active involvement in Co. LYT being used for promotional, publication and cultural purposes including Facebook, YouTube and social networking sites.

Signature __________________________  Date _______________

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