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Application for Co. LYT Bursary : PDF


Each year an allocation is provided to youth theatre members, by the committee under its scheme of assistance, for subscription fee by needy students. 

The grant allocation for a term is based on information about the number of needy students requesting assistance in that term.

The amount of assistance to individual students may be fixed at the discretion of the Committee having regard to the total and relative levels of need and available resources.

The scheme only applies to “needy pupils” in the County Limerick Youth Theatre

Name of child:

​Name of Parent/guardian:


Tel no:

A needy student is defined as a student from a family where there is: (please tick relevant box)

​      Genuine hardship because of unemployment or short time working

​      Prolonged illness of a parent

​      Large family size with inadequate means

​      Single parenthood

​      Other family circumstances (e.g. alcoholism) indicating a similar degree of financial hardship

The Department of Education and Science guidelines recommend dividing such families into the following categories: (please tick relevant boxes)

​      Families which are dependent mainly on social welfare payments

      ​Families which are experiencing financial hardship because of particular circumstances in the home

 ​     Families on low incomes from employment

 ​               Families in receipt of the Family Income Supplement (FIS)

                ​Families which are beneficiaries under the Back-to-School Clothing and Footwear scheme

​                Families in receipt of a medical card

N.B. Entitlement to a medical card is not necessarily an indication of eligibility

Date of application:


Applicants will be notified within one calendar month of the beginning of a new youth theatre term. The operation of the scheme is subject to normal internal controls and record keeping. All information provided is kept in strictest confidence.

Please return the completed form to the secretary of the Co. LYT

Roseanne Dunne

​Mill Road​

Ballysheedy West

Co. Limerick

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