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BREAKING THE RECORD - Sam and Sean are BOTH chosen for NAYD production 'Salt Mountain'

National success for a rural County Limerick Youth Theatre. Not one, but two members have been chosen to perform in the very prestigious NAYD’s (National Association of Youth Drama) production of “Salt Mountain”. With six shows altogether, it will run at Project Arts Centre, Dublin from Tuesday August 24th to Saturday August 29th 2015. Sean Hammond and Sam Molony, both from small rural backgrounds, have beaten out thousand

s of candidates for their prised role in the production.

The County Limerick Youth Theatre, situated at a crossroads in Herbertstown county Limerick, has dedicated itself over the years to providing young people with unique opportunities to grow and develop both nationally and internationally. This achievement is no different, “Salt Mountain” by Jo Mangan is developed and supported by the National Association of Youth Drama allows candidates to focus on issue-based theatre. It tackles many issues and is a highly sought after and ambitious production with open auditions held all over the country. The County Limerick Youth Theatre has gone above and beyond this year with landing two member’s roles.

Sean Hammond and Sam Molony have beat thousands of candidates who auditioned from all over the country, including more advanced theatre members situated in our capital of Dublin. Sean even states that “that competition was really stiff”. Once they auditioned they had “a nerve-wracking week to hear” whether they were successful or not. When they found out, naturally they were over the moon, Sean states that the joy he felt was double what he expected when he found out fellow member Sam Molony was also successful stating “this was the icing on the cake.” It is usually unheard of for two members of the same theatre to even get call backs let alone land actual roles. Both have now completed several “cast development” workshops, working with the fourteen other successful participants. The boys are really looking forward to the next step which will be the residential rehearsals starting on July 27th saying, “it’ll be the experience of a lifetime”.

No doubt, these two members will do the local Youth Theatre proud having gained this phenomenal achievement. As Sam Molony puts it: “it is such an honour to be part of something so professional”.



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