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Is ainm dom Beatrice - why I chose to be in the project "speaking our language"

I have been in youth theatre since I was nine years old, I have participated in various workshops, acted in multiple different plays and created different projects with the youth theatre including,

I have also participated in the NAYD Festival of Youth Theatres, Youth in Action Youth Initiatives and Youth exchanges in Finland and Ireland and been a youth leader in my youth theatre facilitating drama workshops in summer camps through the Irish language and in national schools

I wanted to participate in this residential because I think it’s brilliant to do residentials in Irish, as a former student of Colaiste Ide in Dingle, I understand and know the importance of speaking Irish in Ireland, and doing activities in Irish as a non formal way of learning and developing self-esteem.

We have a national history of storytelling and drama is one of the best ways to share a story. I realise that many people dislike learning the Irish language and this saddens me yet whenever I have used Irish in a drama workshop everyone loves it because they’re having fun. I was reading about Caitriona Ni Mhurchu’s recent play, “Eating Seals and Seagulls Eggs” and in our school Peig Sayers was used for detention. I want to be a part of the residential because I want to be a part of a group of young people who celebrate the Irish language and can enjoy playing with it and exploring depths of meanings, ideas and emotions.

I have also recently finished my EVS in France and would like this opportunity to share my experience and because I am now in college in France and am speaking French all day every day I want to be able to come home and speak some Irish again!.


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