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Martin gets the Young Critic spot!

Young critics was an amazing experience and it was one of the best things I've done in youth theatre. - Martin

Youth Theatre members are invited to apply early in the year and they must be nominated by an NAYD affiliated youth theatre. Those applying are asked to submit a short review of a production they have attended. Sixteen participants are chosen. Participants must be aged 16–20.

The Young Critics Programme brings youth theatre members together to:

  • attend workshops in the critique of professional theatre

  • attend professional performances at leading Irish festivals

  • give their own critiques of the performances at the Young Critics Panel

The Young Critics continues to be one of NAYD’s most popular programmes. It is aimed at youth theatre members who are interested in watching, critically discussing and reviewing theatre. Participants come together for at least two residential weekends during the year. The final weekend features the Young Critics Panel; a public discussion forum that takes place in October at the Dublin Theatre Festival.


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