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New Members Welcome
January 2021

County Limerick Youth Theatre invites new members for our new term in January 2021!

BNest incubator programme supports new emerging social enterprises

Limerick Leader Wednesday 12th September 2018 

The County Limerick Youth Theatre is a not-for-profit organisation run by a voluntary committee. It has a part-time artistic director who facilitates workshops and directs productions. We are an initiative of Limerick Arts Office, an ensemble for young people who are interested in drama, theatre and related activities.

Limerick County Youth Theatre is part of the BNest Incubator Programme which  was launched this month at the Nexus Innovation Centre at the University of Limerick

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Lana Hannon, Nexus Innovation Centre and Fiona Quinn, Lampróg Theatre

Why should you become a Youth Theatre member?


Adam Deegan

(joined at age 16) Caherconlish, Co Limerick

Easily my favourite memory is playing on stage at the concert on Finland in front of all those people, and the most important thing I learned from youth theatre is that's it's okay to be myself which really helped build my confidence! smile emoticon– hope that's enough!

Emma Hayes

(Joined at age 13) Hospital, Co Limerick

I'd say the most memorable and funniest time in drama was when we did the workshop with all the members dividing the room into differ countries, some had more members than others and some had more resources but everyone had access to water. Yet somehow, people made themselves in charge of their country and some caused chaos creating drought and poverty for other countries. Some fought back (war) and there was also the peacemakers! It was just fun and chaotic at the time and then when we finished and reflected on the workshop we realised the point of the exercise and how it literally depicts our world and society today!! The dangers of greed!

Sam Molony

(Joined at age 17) Co Limerick

My favourite memory of being part of the county Limerick youth theatre was seeing the incredible reaction from the audiences who saw the play we devised P'Punk Guerillas'

Stephanie Brophy-Lee

(Joined at age 13), Ballybricken, Co Limerick

Being a member of the CoLYT gave me confidence in myself and my abilities, both on stage and off stage, and introduced me to some of my best friends. It gave me a platform to develop creatively and to get to know myself, along with amazing experiences you could only get from being in a play

David Tynan

(Joined at age 16) Boherduff, Limerick

Youth theatre made me feel important. Like i could do something of worth if i applied myself

Bronagh O’Neill

(Joined at age 13) Ballyneety, Co Limerick

From attending CoLYT for many years I’ve made lots of great friends, one of which I’m living with in college many years later.

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